101 Things To Do This Summer

>> Friday, April 4

Here are some things we could do during summer (note: this is due to boredom, but some are pretty good ideas!)

Make a scrapbook of everything you do this summer (nah! I'm too lazy to do scrapbooks)
Have a picnic (yah! i like this one)
3. Write a letter (now who am I writing to?)
4. Visit another country (hell yeh! if I have truckloads of cash)
5. Go to a ballgame (ahmmm???)
6. Get a job (hehehehe)
7. Become a photographer (I kinda like this one)
8. Make dinner for your family (I'm always making dinner for my family, even lunch too.. and I enjoy it!)
9. Compare a book to a movie (kapoy! heheh)
10. Write a poem (oooohhhhh me writy a poo-wem..)
11. Learn about fireworks (now why would I want to learn about that?)
12. Bake some cookies (fooodieee!! slurp slurp!)
13. Take a boat ride (hmmm to where? this is kinda romantic.. dontya tink?)
14. Sketch a picture of your house from the outside (hahahhaha like me?! draw something?!)
15. Go to camp (dats for kids! hmph...)
16. Visit a farm (E-I-E-I-O..and on his farm he had some...)
17. Take a walk and record the sounds (dis is good... :) so relaxing...)
18. Make your own soccer camp (I dont even know how to play soccer! hesh..)
19. Keep a journal on what you do during summer (hmmmm....)
20. Cut up an old greeting card and make a puzzle (now why would I cut up a greeting card?! I save those kind of stuff... hehe)
21. Start a band (oh yah! rah rah rah rah sis bomba!)
22. Make a new kind of sandwich (heheh I do like these ideas that involve food..)
23. Blow up balloons, put notes inside and hand them out to friends (nah.. too expensive)
24. Go backpacking (yah! who likes to go with me?!)
25. Go outside and find 10 different kinds of flowers (ahhmmm gumamela, santan, bulak sa acacia.. heheh)
26. Create a web site (I dont really know how to do that.. that's Lurch's thing.. heheh)
27. Go camping (where? any ideas?)
28. Invent a new dance (shesh! would someone really follow my lead? hehe)
29. Help with house and yard work (ok! ok! if its not too hot outside.. oki?!)
30. Visit the zoo (the only zoo here is good old li'l Silliman Miniforest..also called CENTROP)
31. Learn a foreign language (yah, I always like to learn Latin or Aramaic)
32. Make an obstacle course in your backyard (yah, for my two doggies!)
33. Make a treasure hunt (kinsay ganahan mu apil? isang tiil!!!)
34. Read a story to someone (basi makatulog ra niya siya... or is that the plan? hehe)
35. Have a winter theme party (hey! this is cool..)
36. Recycle bottles and donate the money to a local charity (this is good)
37. Clean up a nature trail (this is good too! who would like to help?)
38. Build a tree house (nah! dont know how to build stuff.. maybe someone I know.. hehe)
39. Create a new world (woah!)
40. Set up a lemonade stand (hahahha hutdon ra nako inom ako baligya.. )
41. Learn or teach a new sport (I'm really not a sporty person.. really..)
42. Attend a concert (wala mn concert dire karon.. )
43. Have a family game night (heheh I'd like to see this one happen)
44. Make a movie (hehe)
45. Make a collage (kapoy.. hehe)
46. Make a terrarium (I'm busy with my two doggies..)
47. Go canoeing (this is fun!)
48. Discover a new author or book series (I'm collecting works of Barbara Michaels for some time now..)
49. Go to a museum (heheh cge ra ko adto museum.. sa Silliman Hall. You should go too! It was recently reopened)
50. Make a fire plan (yah, definitely! For safety measures!)
51. Make up a bubble solution and have a contest (hehe I remember blowing bubbles from the 3rd floor of the SC building..that was fun!)
52. Find a new friend (this is not too hard)
53. Plant something (I tried planting something once, it just died. Poor plant.)
54. Visit a tourist spot near your home (hehe cge ra!)
55. Host a yard sale (Will somebody actually buy my old stuff?! hehe)
56. Build a sandcastle (yey! A day at the beach sound soooooo goooood!)
57. Donate some of the toys and clothes you no longer use (Hey this is a good idea!)
58. Research your family tree (I'm really not good at this. But my father knows a lot about our family. Maybe I could ask for his help)
59. Fly a kite (with all these big acacia trees, I don't think I can..)
60. Invent your own board game (what is it with this inventing stuff???)
61. Use a compass or GPS to map your neighborhood (why don't I just go to google maps and print it! Oh wait! Dili diay siya makita sa google map!)
62. Build a time capsule (I already did this one... maybe I'll do another one)
63. Act in a play (I'm not really a good actor.. maybe when I have to wiggle my way out of something I did wrong.. heheh)
64. Throw a cultural heritage block party (heheh maybe this is too big for me)
65. Make a bird feeder (heheh my mischievous dogs would just probably destroy it.. hehehe)
66. Organize a bike safety clinic (I dont even own a bike. shesh!)
. Spend time with your grandparents (I wish I could but my grandparents are gone.. :( )
68. Attend a first aid class (if I'm not too tired to get my lazy butt out of the house, maybe I will!)
69. Dig for fossils (dont wanna get my hands dirrty.. my two doggies are digging something in our backyard.. its getting deeper and wider..)
70. Write a song (I wish I know how.. kutob ra ko sa poems)
71. Tie-dye some t-shirts (maybe..one of these days)
72. Take a dog for a walk (make that take two dogs for a walk)
73. Have a paper airplane contest (nah! conserve paper man!)
74. Go without TV for a day (ahhm ahmm ahmm, is this really necessary??)
75. Sign up at your local library for their Summer Reading Program (I dont think our library has this one..?)
76. Learn some new outdoor games (dah oi! naa napd ning invent ug games...!! hmph!)
77. Make something from recyclables (yah! more trash! heheh my father would have my head..)
78. Share your favorite movie with a friend (movie marathon! go!)
79. Make home made ice cream (YEHEY!!! more foood!!!!)
80. Get a magazine subscription (nah!)
81. Jump on a trampoline (hehehehehhe)
82. Organize a scavenger hunt (I just read this horror book about scavenger hunts... dili sa ko.. hehhe)
83. Go swimming (honestly??? I dont know how to swim.. hehe)
84. Paint a portrait of your bestfriend (the best thing i can do is stick drawing... )
85. Start a collection (I already did! Books, movies, bags.. hehhe can I call that collection??)
86. Write a fairy tale (yah, and my heroine would be Princess Shenzee!!! hahahahhaha dili bagay!)
87. Travel in time (literally? hehe if only I have the power of Hiro Nakamura...)
88. Stargaze and track the moon phases (I like to stargaze..with.. heheh)
89. Learn how to sew (I think I know the basics of sewing.. I took HE back in high school..)
90. Visit a National Park (someday maybe..)
91. Roast marshmallows (ohhhh... gooodieee gooodieee!!! I'd like to dip them in chocolate tooo!!!!)
92. Rent a video of a ballet (nah! too boring!)
93. Watch the birds (basi mgka-stiff neck nya ko... are we talking about the same birds ryt? heheheheh *wink*)
94. Arrange a bouquet of flowers (heheh this is sweeett..and maybe I can do this for my mom's bday!)
95. Learn to blog (hahahha like where am I posting this?!)
96. Re-decorate your room (ok!)
97. Learn to play chess (I already know how.. not that good, but I know the basics..)
98. Adopt a pet (my parents would probably have my head if I adopt one more pet! hehehe)
99. Keep your brain going (yah! always man! always!)
100. Teach someone to use email (hahaha I know a person or two... *wink*)
101. Create your own holiday (hey this is probably the best idea ever! I'll name it Shenzee's day! no! not day, maybe Shenzee's week! or Sheenzee's month! or Shenzee's year! hahahhaha)


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