>> Tuesday, June 26

yipeee... naa na WiFi ang Silliman... lurchie told me yesterday... so here i am at home enjoying the wireless fidelity (WiFi) here at SU... hehe


the golden ticket

>> Thursday, June 21

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It's not a ticket to a chocolate factory, but i guess it's a ticket to a sweeter life, free from the prison camp we're into.. day in.. day out. It's what E.M.A. and I jokingly call "The Sobre" (envelope). We can make one for ourselves, but it's the words and the time (especially the time) that are difficult, not to mention the courage to make one.

E.M.A. just gave his golden ticket... and now he's counting his days here in prison camp. People keep asking me if I'm making one myself. I still lack to courage to do so...I still have so many things to consider: persons who are counting on me, my health, my happiness, my will to let go...blah blah blah


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