Happy New Year!

>> Wednesday, December 31

Only a few more minutes and 2009 is here!!

Looking back, this year has been a stepping stone to a new life for me. I won't go into details as to what those changes are but these changes made me somehow wiser and more mature in so many ways, and not to mention stronger.

This year was a bit scary for me. I had to make important decisions that could change the my life's course. I made a lot of mistakes along the way, but in the end, I gained so much more. I'm not making any resolutions because I believe if I want to make positive changes, I don't have to make a list to help me keep track of them. I'll face those negative aspects in my life one at a time and pray to God that I won't go astray.

So now let me say goodbye to 2008 and welcome anything that's in store for me in 2009... Have a blessed new year everyone!


hours before Christmas

>> Wednesday, December 24

Two hours more to go and it's finally Christmas...

I haven't posted much this month. I just couldn't find the rights words, my mind has been a blank, have been so busy with work, had to straighten up a couple of things... excuses excuses excuses... oh well... This might be my last post for the year.. or not.. who knows... please bear with me. teehee... let me just share this shot I took... it's not much.. but I think it best depicts my Christmas this year. There's something different about this Christmas. I just couldn't figure it out... yet.

Have a happy Christmas everyone!


almost broken

>> Tuesday, December 2

A lot has happened since my last post. I won't go into details as to what really happend but it was really heart breaking. Honestly, I almost broke down, but thanks to a lot of prayers, support, and comfort from friends and family, I find myself actually better than I expect to be. I still feel the pain, though, but despite that I somehow feel lighter(?)...

Well a lot of things have changed in just a matter of hours. We'll see what the future brings for me. Let me share this video by Chris Daughtry.


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