Say what?!

>> Saturday, October 27

A certain "circumstance" just slammed right into our faces this morning at work... It brought an uproar among us inmates, it brought us to tears. It really feels like prison (really like a hellhouse). Life here is do this or die. They say their people is important to them, then what is this bull$&# about not being able to have a choice.

Are they really asking for it?! The time when there will be an uprising among inmates. I'd be proud to stand infront and shout JUSTICE! Pero.. I can dream can I? I doubt if it would really come to that. Some are just chicken...plain CHICKEN.. pa goody-goody ba.. those KISS-AS people. Somehow complaining but never really doing something...anything.

Before I break out, I wish I could do something to those left behind. Times like this I wish I have superpowers and kick the butts of all those who wronged us.. GO SUPER-EHN!

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do NOTHING."


going out of the hellhouse...

...after months and months of thinking and trying to figure things out... I've finally decided...


I'll explain things later....I'm counting my days.. tralalalalalla


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