a damsel's remorse

>> Friday, March 30

so i've heard love hurts, i say it injures the hurt and damages the soul. its hard to understand... how do you let go of someone you are so afraid to lose. how can u be with somone when all you can see are his faults...They say we choose how we see people.. when we choose to hate them, all we can see are their faults.. when we choose to love them, we become so tolerant.

sometimes i cant help but think
if you still care for me
there are days when im everything to you
there are times when i just cant feel you

you told me you would always be there
you promised me you would care
yet now i dont seem to matter
you dont seem to care

you're always telling me you're sori
for all the things you faild to give
but baby i dont need the world
why cant you see that all i need is you

you promised me forever
yet you couldn't even give me today
you promised me your everything
yet you couldnt even stay.


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