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>> Wednesday, November 7

I can hardly wait for my last day in prison. I have my reasons for breaking out. As to what those reasons are...? Ok if you're curious why maybe I can say some of those things here...

(1) It seems my health is starting to deteriorate. If I continue to stay here, basi decaying na nya ko... hehehheeh pero that's really one of my reasons why.

(2) The fact that I already told the "key persons" that I'm going out this December would really finalize my decision that I really HAVE to go. For some reasons (I suspect pure SABOTAGE), we were transferred to another project. Reasons that are unreasonable. Some people would simply abuse their power to get rid of teammates who are beyond their control, who question their decisions, who stand up for their beliefs. I mean what kind of a leader is that? The one who said, and I quote “Why would I back up an incompetent staff? That would only show that I am incompetent as well.” What a simple minded fool. I'd like to stab her with a spoon over and over again.

(3) Which would bring me to my third reason: the situation among us "prisoners". Don' get me wrong. I like what I'm doing, but to stay on a place where you would just be bled to death working your ass off. It's like staying in Azkaban, where your happiness and your sanity are being sucked out by hungry dementors. This is the kind of place where one is persecuted if you question the decision of authority. A milder version of dictatorship. It's a do-this-or-die kind of life here. I've had enough. I'm taking myself and what's left of my sanity out of this hellhouse.

(4) This place is CHEAP. Need I say more? My fellow inmates would know why. Simply cheap.

(5) I think I found my other path. Though it is still unclear, I'd rather stake my life finding out than give my life to this prison.

I've made up my mind. Nothing and no one can stop me from breaking free... yeah I'm breaking free (sings)...


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