I Wish I Could Explain to You Why Life is So Unfair at Times

>> Monday, January 21

All I can tell you is that

there are good times and bad;

there is love and hate, luck and tragedy.

All of these get in the way of fairness,

which is why we sometimes accept the lack of it in our lives.

If you can forgive yourself as well as others

and if you can learn from your mistakes

problems and heartaches will be steppingstones

on your path to growing wised and stronger.

If you can love yourself as well as others,

you will learn acceptance and understanding.

If you believe you are unique and wonderful

(as I know you are),

then you will learn to change what you can,

make a difference when you can,

and accept the things

you can’t do anything about.

I know that you’ll make the best

of any situation,

taking from it what will be of benefit to you

and discarding the rest.

I also know that you are wise and capable,

loved and appreciated,

and able to overcome anything

that comes your way.

-Barbara Cage

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