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>> Thursday, December 13

Have you ever wished you have superpowers? Watching movies like X-men, Spiderman, and my recent fav, Heroes, I always wish I have superhuman abilities like them. So I could do my own thing, my way, my time. I'm a bit selfish am I? But I'm pretty sure I'm not the only selfish slightly wicked person in the world who wishes she have powers. Dba?! Dba?! Dba?! :) (shoutout to lurch: don't tell me for once in your life you wished you can control the world...hehehe us and our evil plans of ruling the world).

Me? I'd like my power to be like that of Matt Parkman (Heroes) and that of Professor X — to read and control minds. Nyahahhahah.. So I could hear people's thoughts and tell them what to do. And I could tell all the people I hate to go kill themselves. Bwahahahhahahaha Ok so I'm a control freak. That's me. Maybe I should not have powers. Who knows what I'll do if I have them... hehehhe

So what would be your power?


lursil December 14, 2007 at 7:57 AM  

ahh.. thank you for an inspiration for a new blog post! :D

yes, dear, I DO dream of having SUPER DUPER UPER powers..!! BWAHAHAHAHA! ako pa? :P I've been wishing that I had them since time started. Over. LoL...

For me, the perfect power is that of Peter Petrelli. Soooooo cool! Trulyly! Super duper uper cool!! Why? Because I can have it ALL! ALL! ALL i tell you!!! dba? because you automatically copy the powers! nyahahaha..

shenzee December 14, 2007 at 7:38 PM  

hehehhe yah i like peter's powers but look wat happened to him... hehhehe basi maka absorb ko di na "carry" na power.. heheheh magwala nya ko samot.. heheheh ill settle for mind control... hehhee still distructing yet in a "silent" kind of way... hehehe

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