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>> Friday, September 5

So its Friday again. Time just wheezed past by without me realizing it.
I can smell the cool breeze of December already. Finally my favorite time of the year. There's something magical about the "ber" months.. Maybe its just me but things seem like they are in a slow motion yet time itself is on a fast forward. I'm not making sense am I?! teeeheee.. I got the "ber" bug.. This kind of bug makes your mind float to neverland and just makes you smile without any reason at all. shesh! Maybe I am just going crazy..

I can't help but feel... (how do I put it??) simply happy. I'm really in a good mood today. I still have a million of things to do but what the heck.. Let's dance and sing "it's so nice to be happy... shalala.."


On another topic... remember I was ranting and raving about how unreliable my ISP is.. Out of anger and frustration that I could not contact their so-called 24-hour customer service, I sent an "angry" email to them venting out all my frustrations on their very unreliable internet service, and guess what they finally replied..

Our apologies for the delay in our response due to the significant
increase in the number of emails we have received for the past month. We
regret learning that your experience with Globe Broadband has not been a
satisfactory one as a whole; and we truly apologize for this. Our
records show that your technical reports have not been signified thru
the concerned channels due to your difficulty calling our toll-free
numbers. For voice and connection difficulties, we encourage you to call
our Technical Helpdesk at 032-4108888 for the Vismin region. You are
expected to be accommodated by a technical representative anytime of the
day. Consequently, please send us the account name, account number, and
your installation address and the specific description of the problems
you encounter for both voice and internet access so we may coordinate to
corresponding technical unit--if the problems have persisted. We shall
ensure that your trouble ticket is carried out the soonest and
corresponding adjustments be applied for the affected period.

Please feel free to email us for any further insights and thank you for
bringing your concerns to our attention.

bahh!!! It sounds so unpersonal right? Like a script or something, they probably just copied it from a manual and pasted it on the mail.. shesh! Oh and just so you'll know I sent my "angry" mail last August 19 and got my reply just today. Oh well.. better late than never... heheheh


Z'riz September 7, 2008 at 5:30 PM  

hekhekhek they suck PERIOD...and yeah they already have those answers set up beforehand...stinking globe!

i hate "ber" months..especially when I'm not in Pinas :(

shenzee September 7, 2008 at 8:32 PM  

"ber" months will make you really homesick... come back here.. :)

feyoh September 18, 2008 at 12:47 PM  

well, globelines must also have that offshore "customer service reps," a.k.a., non-voice accounts in call centers. they probably have a template for angry emails like yours.

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