Letting go...

>> Tuesday, April 24

Here I am
Trying to hold back the tears
Knowing our time is about to end
Losing the very thing I hold so dear...

For one moment, I just want to scream till my throat hurts and I can't scream no more. There's this rage inside of me that I'm trying to restrain yet wanting to let out. I don't know what to say anymore.. I don't know what to do.. All I can do is cry till my tears won't fall anymore. Is that even possible? I can't be mad at you. I can't blame you for leaving... I can't make you stay.

Why?! Why did you have to come into my life when you're just going away? Why do you have to leave me here... crying...pleading...helpless... and broken.

I fear that someday time would keep us apart. But before that happens, I hope
that you have felt, even for just a single chance that I tried to love you...
the best way I can.


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