Oh stubborn and selfish me...

>> Friday, April 20

Don't you just hate it when someone totally ignores you?! Or maybe just forgot about you?! Ok so I'm complaining again… it seems that's all I've been doing these past few days. Am I just asking too much or maybe I'm just so selfish... Or maybe I'm just expecting too much.?! That's why I keep on getting frustrated. It just seems everything must come first before me... is that selfish?! Damn! What does a girl have to do to make a point?!

(Note to Lorselle: I'm in a bat-swinging-wanting-to-smash-someone's-head mode today.)


lurchie April 21, 2007 at 1:15 PM  

o.O that's getting frequent..dont u think so..? :d k ra na maot.. ul always be maot to me.. hehehe il put u first.. anytime.. though u have to come second to frankie, sophia, richard, mama, blah blah blah.. ehn ehn!! weeee..

tc maot.. dont kill anybody k..? because i dont know how to explain to the press "Y u did it.." :D

z`riz April 21, 2007 at 1:37 PM  

hoisttT!!! shenzee?? mura'g katong hyena sa the lion king...nyahahahahaha bite me girl! :)

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