>> Wednesday, April 18

Nothing.... that's all I'll ever gonna say to you. When you ask me what I'm thinking... nothing. When you ask me what's wrong... nothing. How can I find the right words to tell you everything that I'm feeling. All my hopes, my frustrations, our dreams, our failures. How can I be so selfish not to let you go? But I can't let you turn your back on your dreams. I just wish I'm still part of it. Can you still remember the words you said? The plans we made? The dreams we shared?

Every day I'm counting down to that moment when everything will surface, when my world would change, and my life would take on a different meaning. Every night I cry myself to sleep wondering if I'm still a part of you... wanting to reach out, yet finding myself holding back. It breaks my heart to see you smile at me not knowing that I'm crying inside. Crying for all the things that could have been. I can't go on living like this but I can't go on without you...

We Walk in Silence

We walk in silence
Along the cool waters of the sea
Unafraid of the darkness beyond
‘Cause the stars are smiling down on you and me

We walk in silence
Hand in hand beneath the clear night sky
Two hearts beat as one
Making the cold nightwind sigh

We walk in silence
Guided by love’s everlasting light
Unaware of each other’s feelings
As we glide through the cool summer night

We walk in silence
Hoping that time will be on our side
Not knowing what the future holds
Whether or no our worlds will collide

We walk in silence
Afraid of losing our hearts tonight
Making our worlds crumble down
Giving up without a fight

We walk in silence
Thoughts race in our minds
Turning away to different paths
Searching for the perfect love that we’ll never find


lurchie April 19, 2007 at 6:25 AM  


whats wrong..? lemme guess.. still bat swinging mode?

shenzee April 19, 2007 at 2:08 PM  

hahahah der r days wen i just want to smash dat freakin' bat right into someone's head... AND... der r days wen i want to beat myself w/ dat bat over and over again until i pass out.. AND... der r days wen i just want to scream till my throat hurts and be mad at the world for everything... AND...i dunno.. der r days wen i just dont know wat to do... hehe wat to do..? wat to do...?

lurchie April 19, 2007 at 2:31 PM  

count 1 to 3, and then .........


xsis said it helps.. and it really does. :D

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