Friday-the-13th scare

>> Friday, July 13

I was about to flush the toilet when the room suddenly spinned and I heard strange noises (like a big truck just smashed into the building). I quickly went out of the CR so I could take a sit (I might suddenly passed out again). I was shocked to see my officemates standing and ready to sprint out of the building. Then suddenly the building shook again. Oh my God! It's an earthquake! And here I thought I was just getting dizzy again.

We went out of the building and started texting our friends and family to see if they're ok. Thank God nobody got hurt. We were apprehensive of going back inside for fear of another earthquake. But people just went inside like nothing happened, so we have no choice but to go back inside too. Nobody seemed to inspect the building if it was safe to go back to; so much for the "employees' health and safety." This company sucks big time!

(FYI: The first was 4.4 and the second was 5.0)

That was quite a scare... to think it's Friday the 13th...


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