>> Monday, July 23

im bored... here i am, waiting for 10 o'clock to come and wohoo i can finally sleep... it has been a looong day... 10 o'clock seems so far far away pa... haaay... buhay spi... can it be more boring than this? we're just wasting our time (not to mention company money) surfing the net, blogging, friendster, sillimanians.com, blah blah blah... WALA MI FILES! we were hoping for this time to come, but now it has...hmmm.. seems such a waste of time.

all i can hear is the tapping of keyboards, the constant humm of the air-conditioning, a few laughs and murmurs here and there, someone yawning. heheh people are bored. mu ra na akong ma say... people are just plain B-O-R-E-D... oh can i add, people are getting sick too... my officemates are starting to cough and sneeze, sniffles here and there, people are now starting to sound... nasal? is that the right word?... we're not only bored... we're getting sick... come to think of it, my head is starting to throb too...

it's only a matter of time when i'll cough and sneeze and sound nasal too... with this place we're working in... HA! One day isa ra ang sip-onon, the next day the whole production will get sick too...

im rambling... hehe wla lang.. just wanting to blah blah some useless stuff today... im bored...


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