Bitter truth or sweetest lie

>> Tuesday, May 8

Sometimes it's not love... sometimes you've just become so attached that you developed a need for that person... just a need... not love... but you're too scared to admit it even to yourself...'cause you know that if you do, you might lose the only person that actually gives a damn about your life.

These words keep haunting me. What if this is true? One day you just realize that you don't really love that person. But you're in this relationship that you just don't have the guts to walk away from. Is that love when you can see your future together? Or is it merely just a need. A need so great that it blinds you... it blinds you to the point where love is only an illusion... Would you be happy? Could you both be happy?

Love cannot be measured. If someone loves you this much, should you also return that same degree of love? What if you just don't know how? What if you can't? What if you're not capable of loving that much? Would you still be happy or just obliged to be? So many questions... so many what ifs... Would you choose the bitter truth or the sweetest lie?

So tell me which one is real: "I love you because I need you" or "I need you because I love you"


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