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>> Saturday, May 12

I'm bored and I'm tired... these new policies we have to follow sucks the life out of me like Dementors do (in their case, happiness). This "prison camp" is guarded with so much Dementors that every day what's left of my sanity is taken away bit by bit. I can't blame the people around me if they think I'm bitchy these days. This prison camp sucks.. but as Lurchie said I have to find another (much better) work before leaving this place of suffering. Ok I'm rambling again... I have a hundred reasons to leave this place, but still have a thousand reasons to stay... hmph... I'm going insane.

I have a new puppy (a milllion thank yous to Daphne). Her name's Odie... She's a half dachshund–half something... She's sooooo cute, with adorable eyes, and a sweet face. I'll post some pixies later.. teeeehehehehe

Oohh... my birthday's coming up… I'm planning to go to Cebu next week and then to Kawasan, if nothing else would prevent me from going. (Who knows...)

My mind's in whirl right now.. I can't seem to keep things in order... til later...Am i making sense at all? heheh


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