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>> Wednesday, May 2

Ok...I've been spending my time looking for cool widgets and trying to put some whatsitz in this blog.. and trying to make this blog more presentable... (as what I've said before, I'm still a newbie in this kind of thing...) please bear with me... teehee...

Just this morning I was cleaning my cabinet and found our old pictures... pictures of family and friends.. (later I'll post those pixies here)... I even found some old pixies of ma and pa, back when they were still.. should I say young? And some cute baby pix of yours truly (wow...i love myself...what more can I say)... ok ok.. I'll just post these pixies one of these days.... anwyz...

I get dizzy frequently these days... I wonder if it's still my blood pressure or blood sugar or sinusitis or what...I'm tired of gong to the hospital for a check-up. I hate hospitals... mind you... it makes me feel sicker and sicker each time I go into one. Today, my head hurts again.. and I get nauseous. Somebody just kill me please...I wanna go home...I still have about 6 more hours to go... I promised myself I wont have absences for this pay period.. You see we're planning to go somewhere and I'm on a tight budget. So I'm motivating myself to work, work, work...and absolutely no absences. I'll just take a break after all these $#%@.

Ok back to work.... oh and it's my bro's birthday tomorrow...
Happy birthday Bro!


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