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>> Wednesday, February 25

Let me share this quote I came upon while browsing through the status updates in Facebook (teehee):

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As I was making this post, I received a mail from a Daphy that contains a link to a website (The Brown Raise Movement). I just realized this day commemorates the People Power Revolution of 1986. As I browse through the said site, it suddenly dawns on me how different the Filipinos of today compared to those during the time of Jose Rizal. The sense of nationalism is entirely different.

We are so focused on the actions of our government - who made a deal with who, who should be impeached, conducting investigations as to who is at fault - its totally a waste of time. When in fact, we should focus on what we could do for the nation as a whole (and I don't mean going on a rally of some sort to impeach this and that).

I believe if we really want to change as a nation, we should start the change within ourselves. We are so bent in changing other people, we forget the things we need to change within ourselves. They say Filipinos are hardworking, I say Filipinos are lazy. Why do I say this? I'll explain this more on my next post or so... :)


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