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>> Thursday, May 15

The sun finally came out! Perfect timing 'cause it's a special day for yours truly (the title's so obvious.. hehehe). I received a lot of greetings from friends and family, at the start of my day. I'm glad someone still remembers this day(?). It seems the older we get, the less we think about our special days.

Anyway, I'm glad it didn't rain today so we were able to make chicken barbecue (thank God for the sunny weather). A birthday won't be a birthday if there's no chicken (my mother always jokingly says). I chose to make spaghetti as I was craving for some these past few days (note: NO I'm not pregnant!). This was my planned menu for today. That and my fruit cocktail, but lo and behold!, my mother secretly ordered my favorite seafood dish, Steamed Fish with Thousand Island dressings, and it was huge! It was about 2 kilos.. hmmm.. yum! yum!

Let me just post some pics so I can show off (give me a chance, it's my day..heheheh....)

This my birthday feast...

Dessert anyone..? (this is good for the blood sugar.. hahahah)

This is what I enjoy about birthdays, the foooooooood.. I have a good excuse for pigging out for one day, right? Right! AND I got to celebrate it with my family and friends....

Picture taken by Ibby the wibby

That's Lurchelle and Ibby Wibby

I enjoyed my day. And... oh my brother gave me something too.... a Kingston 4.0GB USB..

I was always borrowing his, so he gave me one instead. heheh I don't know what I'm gonna to with this 'cause usually I'm at home, but I still love it.. hehehe Thanx bro!

Every birthday I wait for 10:45 pm to come to greet myself a happy birthday and to offer a little prayer. My mom told me that was the exact time I was born, so it's a somewhat special moment for me. But tonight was different. E.M.A. offered to stay-up with me so he can greet me too. He just had a very long day at work, yet even if he's in a lot of stress today (and wants to crash into a slumber), he still choses to wait with me. We spent the whole night on the phone (we're using Sun Cellular so calls are unlimited..) while waiting for 10:45 to come. It's so nice to think how he can be so sweet sometimes without even knowing it.. hehhe *blush* so cute...

So... my day started great, the food was delicious, and the company was awesome! And the one thing I like about it the most is I got to end it with someone I love... mmmmwaaahhh!!!

Now it's time for me to catch some snooze.. Thank you all for making my day... Goodnight everyone!


Z'riz May 16, 2008 at 7:03 AM  

huhuhuh wa ko nimo gi invite!

shenzee May 16, 2008 at 9:00 AM  

actually wla ko ngparty z.. limited funds ky la na work.. hehehe gianhi ra ko nila lurchelle and our office mates... :)

Z'riz May 20, 2008 at 9:10 PM  

huhuhu ngluod ko! hehehehe

mag meet up nya tang tanan sometime before I leave...kkk?

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