Manic Monday

>> Monday, May 19

I got tagged by the Not-So-Dainty Girl. Her meme goes: (1.) List 6 things that describe yourself today. (2.) Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. (3.) Tag other online friends you know.

I'm really not good at talking about my feelings, but here goes...

1. Sick (My sinusitis just got worse and worse, and I think my head is about to explode..)
2. Apprehensive (If I made the right decision about something)
3. Hungry (I haven't eaten my breakfast yet)
4. Stuck (I just couldn't seem to find a way to wiggle out of this certain situation)
5. Happy (Despite all my worries, I'm still happy with the way my life is going)
6. Hopeful (After all my decisions, both right and wrong, I would still be able to find what I'm looking for)

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