Catch some C's

>> Friday, May 9

My ma woke me up 'coz my father wanted me to find some info about papermaking (it's for his research). So far I was doing good 'til I got a little bored and started to visit other sites (friendster, blogs, blah blah) THEN I got tagged by Lurtsil. :) It seems I have to name 10 things that start with letter "C"

  • Crazy (is this a thing?) is what I'm feeling right now knocking my brain looking for words that starts with C. :)
  • Chocolate (Tobleron) is what I'm eating right now, to booze my mood (and I mean booooze)... heheheh
  • Cellphone(s) is the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night that I look at.
  • Carbonara is what I'm planning to make for lunch later.
  • Carbohydrates is mostly what I'm eating everyday.. hehehe
  • Cheese is what I'm craving right now. Extra cheese on pizza. yum yum....
  • Computer is my constant companion day in-day out... :)
  • Coffee is the first thing I smell every time I go to Lee's Supermarket.
  • Career is what I'm trying to figure out these days.
  • Cat's cry is what I just heard right now, with a reply bark or two from my doggies. :)
Wew... I guess that's it.. So you came this far, now I'm tagging YOU!


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