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>> Thursday, May 15

I just got tagged by ZTe. She started this tag so all I have to do is follow her instructions... And it goes: "All you need to do is list down at least 10 items that can be found inside your purse or bag at any given time and then tag as many peeps as you want. I believe this tag can let you get to know a person more based on what is inside their bags. Then, copy the person-who-tag-you's items and add it below your list. It would serve as a comparison to see if you have the same stuff in your bags and so on."

My purse has:
1. Wallet (the basic stuff: bills, cards, IDs)
2. Coin purse (I tend to separate my coins and my bills so I won't have a hard time looking for a change)
3. Cellphones (one for my Globe sim and one for my Sun Cellular sim)
4. Hairbush/comb (what kind of girl wouldn't have one?)
5. Pen (just in case I need one)
6. Keys (of course I wouldn't want to be locked out would I?)
7. Tissue/Wet wipes (in case my face gets too oily.. heheh)
8. Alcohol (for hygienic purposes)
9. Lubricant for contact lenses (dried contact lenses gets very uncomfortable and it irritates the eye)
10. Clamp/Clip/Hair tie (in case it gets too hot, and I need to tie my hair back)

Z's purse items:
1. Wallet (of course!)
2. Coin purse (it seems I have a lot of coins)
3. Pen
4. Cellphones (yes, I have two...)
5. Ipod Video
6. School Id (unfortunately I still need to enter the campus grouds)
7. Lip Gloss (currently using Sweet Talk by Victoria's Secret)
8. Hair Doctor (brush/comb)
9. Pieces of paper (I need to throw them away)
10. Hand Sanitizer (Bath & Body Works Country Apple)

They say what's inside a lady's purse can tell what kind of person she is. Well tell me what kind of person I am... :) So... what's in your purse?


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