Weird Dreams

>> Sunday, May 18

According to my very good friend Wikipedia, "dreams are the images, thoughts, and feelings experienced while asleep". I have been having a lot of weird dreams lately. They're not related though. Maybe all dreams are weird one way or the other. I also have dreams about other people's lives. It's like I'm living there lives in those dreams. I have dreams of my life as a baby. I even dreamed of being inside my mother's womb. Now how weird is that?

I found this interesting site about dreams and their interpretations. Dreams are messages that teach us something about ourselves. It states there that dreams are somewhat linked to our reality. Now the one thing I remember most about my dreams, maybe the most
common in them, is the ocean, and there are always waves. From what I gathered, seeing an ocean in a dream represents emotions and feelings, an indication of some spiritual renewal. The rising waves indicate struggles and overwhelming emotions. The crashing waves, however, indicate tenderness and relaxation. Now I'm confused. The latter is just the complete opposite of the other one.

Recurring dreams are often caused by a certain unsettled situation in your life or an unsolved problem. Looking back at the interpretation of my recurring dreams, I just realized that a bit of it is quite true. I'm not discussing it in this post, though, maybe later.

Here are some tips of overcoming recurring dreams from the site I mentioned earlier:

1. In understanding your recurring dream, you must be willing to accept some sort of change or undergo a transformation.

2. You must be willing to look within yourself and confront whatever you may find no matter how difficult it my be.

3. You must be able to look at the dream from an objective point of view. Try to get pass the emotional and reactive elements of the dream and get down to the symbolic images. Many times dreams are masked by elements that are disturbing preventing you to delve any deeper. This is a defense mechanism that your unconscious may be putting up.

4. Be patient. Do not get discourage if these dreams still recur even after you thought you have come to understand them.

5. Learn to accept yourself truly and fully.

Sweet dreams everyone! :)


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