Jatropha biofuel

>> Tuesday, June 3

When we went up the mountains of Zamboanguita for a research project, I noticed a plantation of a shrubs. I asked my companions what they were. They were called Jatropha curcas or locally called "Tubatuba". It produces seeds that contain up to 40% oil. This oil can then be processed into fuel that can replace or be mixed with petroleum based diesel. A hectare of Jatropha produces 1892 liters of fuel.

There is an on-going campaign in the propagation of Jatropha here in the Philippines. Benefits of propagating and processing of Jatropha as biofuel include, decrease in oil imports, reduction of air pollution, can create employment and really help the economy. Jetropha can grow just about anywhere, even on degraded lands. Also, it doesn't need much water or fertilizer thus Jatropha farming is not so difficult and not too costly.

With the gradual increase in prices of fuel and energy nowadays, it's high time we find other sources that we can produce locally.


bims November 30, 2010 at 8:59 PM  

Jatropha is a good plant for oil-based materials

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