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>> Wednesday, June 25

I'm doing this tag from Zerisse. It's about professions.. Honestly, I don't know what I am. I have a degree in Business Management, but I don't think that is a profession. Let me just tell you what I have been up to these past several weeks... :)


1. Copy and paste everything to a new post and add your name next to your profession (or profession-to-be for undergrads) in the list. Make sure your name is linked to your blog/webbie.

2. If your profession is not in the list then simply add it to the correct alphabetical place. For example, if you want to add PLUMBER then it should be placed in between ONCOLOGIST and QUEEN.

3. Tag as many people as you can and witness how your Technorati will explode!

4. Don’t forget to link back. In your case, link back to sHeNzEe's wOrLd



Blogger/Writer- Ner, Mariz, Ezrah, Shenzee,
Call Center- Jean
Chef- Emcee
Full-time Mommy -
Internet Marketer - Mariz
Doctor -
Nurse - Mckhoii, Macy, Ezrah
Oncologist -
Queen -
Software Developer - Ner,
Teacher -
Virtual Assistant - Shenzee
Writer -


You can copy and post this if you want to... :)


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