You Make My Day Award

>> Tuesday, June 3

Yay! Got another award. Seems I've been getting awards these days.. teeeheee... Thank you so much Mercedes for this award. I just arrived from Zamboanguita, well it's not exactly that far from here just around 22 km(?) south of Dumaguete (I'm not really that good in directions and stuff so sue me). We went up the mountains and it was so hot, and the road was, can I say not so good(?), and... Ok I'm getting further away from the topic..

Well anyway, this really made my day. Since I'm so tired and all.. Thanks again Mercedes.


Mercedes June 8, 2008 at 9:15 PM  

Oopsie! I'm a little late getting here-lol! Congratulations to you and I am so glad I could make your day by telling you you made my day...did ya get all of that? Toodles, Mere

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