what is love?

>> Tuesday, June 24

If someone asks you what is your definition of love, what would it be? Well I, for one, don't have a definition of love. Can it really be defined? Described, yes, but defined? I don't know. Back in high school, I wrote poems about love - and of course, heartaches. But that kind of love is just one thing. There are so different types(?), stages(?), or forms of love. Be it love for family, friends, and especially love for God. Some also mentioned love for enemies. Honestly, could you really love your enemies? :) How could you love someone you deeply hate? I could go on and on about love, but.. all I can say is this, "Love is complicated".

Now why am I talking about love today, well I got tagged by my friend Lurch, and since I don't have anything else to post today (I've been uber busy these past few days), I decided to do this meme....


1. Make a post with your answer to the question “What is Love?”

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3. Please make sure you copy all the links and all must be originally intact.

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6. Tag as many friends as you want. Share the love and receive love. We are hoping that spreading this will help us in our Technorati authority and maybe PR.

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Pinay Mommy June 24, 2008 at 1:15 PM  

hello shenzee, thanks for playing. here is your entry posted already.


hope you can drop by every now and then to update. thanks!!


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