another rainy day...

>> Friday, June 20

It's been raining all day today, probably because of the typhoon Frank. Thankfully there are no strong winds in our area, only lots and lots of rain. You see I live inside a campus where there are so many acacia trees. If you walk around when there's a really strong wind (plus rain), there's a big chance a twig or a branch will fall on you. Now who would walk around when there's a typhoon?! Anyway, I love the rain, but strong (typhoonic?) winds just makes me nervous.

Anyway, well I found something worthy of my time, plus I can generate some extra income too! So that's my big secret why I have been so busy these days. Well it's not exactly a secret since most of my friends already know. Oh well just wanted to let you guys know in case your wondering... or not. :)

Now what was I saying..? Oh yeah.. it has been raining all day, and I'd like to share to you what my dog, Odie, has been doing...

She curled up in a corner and I tried to give her a mat and a blanket cause I'm sure she's cold or something, but she just wouldn't budge. Same with my other dog, Toki (but I couldn't take a shot of him curled up, cause he's under our Jeep). What hard headed doggies I have.. They just don't want to be disturb... hehehe

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