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Hmmm.. my title sounds like "My way", that song by Frank Sinatra. Anyway, (hey that rhymes too!) I decided to do this meme from Zr. It's about birthdays and stuff.. Well I already celebrated my birthday two months ago, spent it with family and friends. Sadly E.M.A. wasn't there on my birthday 'cause he had to work... sniff sniff...

SO! Here are the instructions for this tag...


  1. Determine your birthday month and get a word that rhymes with it of you can affix to it. Caps lock your birth month (ex: MAYday! JUNE dune, APRILicious, JULYvely, AUGUST pocus, parched MARCH..). Be unique.
  2. Your birth month plus the word affixed or rhymed shall become the tag's title in your case.
  3. Get your birthday and add the digits involved. Example, if your birthday falls on the 25th of July, add 2 and 5 you get 7.
  4. Whatever is the sum, write a list of the MATERIAL gifts you wish to receive, the number of which shall correspond to the sum of your birthday. For example, applying the case above (in rule number 3), you will write seven (7) things you wish to receive.
  5. After your wish list, put your name and birthday in the Blogger Birthday Directory, with a link to your blog/s. Note: when you add your birthday, please place it in a way that the dates appear chronologically (January, February...1, 2, 3) 6. Pass this tag meme by tagging as many as you want.
Well my birthday falls on the 15th of May so I get to wish for 6 materials gifts! hmmm... let me think.. my list will be on no particular order whatsoever.. :)

1. My own house! Yeah! Whoever wished for something else right? I don't know the exact details of my dream house. I don't really want a huge house just a medium size house, with a big lawn. :) Maybe a bit like this one...

2. My own car! I don't know how to drive, though. But I want my own car!!! :)

3. Sony Ericsson C905.. 8MP! :) Need I explain more?

4. I want a Beagle, a Golden Retriever, and a Rottweiler! (I don't think those are materials things but I want those!!!)

5. A home theater in my own house.. Kinda like this one! hehehe (hey I can dream can I?!) hmmm maybe its hard to fit home theaters like this one on my own dream house (shown above)...

6. My dream vacation at Jade Mountain, St. Lucia!!!! ehemm...great for a romantic getaway (*wink*)

So there's my list! I'm always happy to recive gifts!! hehehe

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