"busy" weekend

>> Sunday, August 24

I haven't been the busy blogger/plurker/worker this weekend.. cause I have been too "busy" running around the city trying out new food (heheh).. I still have a lot of blog rounds to do and plurks too (my karma has been on a steady decline this past few days). Surprisingly I'm now finding plurk a bit dull.. hehehe if you're a plurk addict don't bite my head off ok?! I think the "fun" is just starting to wear off..

Anywho... what I did from Friday night until now (its Sunday night, in case your wondering) was hopping from one restaurant to the other (trying out anything from the menus that catches our eyes.. hehe) I might do another blog post about this (if I'm not too tired or too busy..) I've been running around the city this weekend (with E.M.A. of course.. ehheh) and haven't been online since Friday I think. I just went online tonight to check on a few things...

Let me just post this new conversation at dNeero... and I'll bid you all a good night.. :)


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