A Series of Unfortunate Events

>> Wednesday, August 20

These past few days have been so bad for me. I think it started last Friday afternoon. I was in a hurry to finish up work so I can go out and buy some stuff and pay some bills.. to my dismay my salary hasn't been transferred to my bank account yet.. :( so much for shopping... anyway, when I got home I tried to call E.M.A. but there was something wrong with Sun Cellular's network. I was able to call him though around late in the evening. Maybe it was just a bad day for me...

Saturday went by without any hassles, I even bought a few things and clothes.. teehee... and paid some bills. Now because of my shopping spree last Saturday (it was raining then), I had a pretty high fever came Sunday. I just ordered some pizza from Greenwhich 'cause I was too tired to cook (my bro has a Greencard so free pizza for us.. yipppee!!!).

Then came Monday.. You see Mondays in our company is so so busy. I have to make A LOT of reports, set up some tasks for the week, blah blah blah... AND I don't have an internet connection.. WTF?! I called up my customer service and guess what? NOBODY ANSWERED?!! WTF? A 24-hour Customer Service hotline and nobody answers?!! What the heck is wrong with my ISP?? I was able to work for only 2 hours. Gawd! Globelines really suck! Big time! I was fuming mad the whole day. How am I supposed to work now?! After a day of frustration and helplessness, I just broke down and cried. E.M.A. had to console me. hehe

Then came Tuesday, still no internet connection... tsk tsk tsk.. Now I'm really mad at Globelines! If I'll just sit around and mope nothing good will happen. I decided to go the nearest net cafe so I would be able to work. They charged Php20/hour, now that takes a big chunk on my budget since I'm working for 8 hours. Globelines should better give me rebate for this.. tsk tsk tsk..

Now working in a net cafe is pretty difficult. It was crammed with people, students mostly trying to make their school papers, projects, etc. After working for about 4 hours, I was having a terrible headache already. Four more hours staying in that cafe would probably kill me. But I decided to stay, naturally, all for the glory of work. shesh!!! After 8 hours of trying to work there, with head throbbing, I felt feverish. Now this is just what I need! A freakin fever?! So I went home, decided not work in a net cafe again. And prayed to God my connection will be back sooooooon.

Well... my prayers had been answered! I was all set to buy this prepaid Smartbro (another ISP) just incase I won't have a connection today. Well it's running again. Thank God! :) Now I have to make up for my lost hours last Monday. But what the heck, at least now I'm working at home.

I'm still buying that prepaid Smartbro though, Globe is just sooooo UNRELIABLE!

whew! This was a pretty loooong rant.. heheh now I have to get back to work.. :)


Z'riz August 21, 2008 at 10:00 AM  

Hahaha I feel ya gurl! I know Globelines suck, especially if it's raining! BTW, drop by their office and yell at Katrina... nyahahaha :) Aw yeah, keep on calling customer service because and ask for a discount for the "no connection" times. We did it before :D

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shenzee August 21, 2008 at 10:16 AM  

yeah.. that's what I did, I kept on calling their customer service. After following all the directions their machine gives when you call 171 or 173, I waited and waited and waited for a customer rep to answer guess ghat?? no answered?!! I just kept on listening to this stupid music for about 30 mins?! wla ra gihapon! shesh!!! so much for their 24-hour hotline... tsk tsk tsk...

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